Mystical Year Boxes – Winter

Welcome to the fourth and final Mystical Year Box of 2017: The Winter Solstice! Less daylight and colder temperatures make it a perfect time to focus inward, nourish our bodies and souls, and be present–with yourself, with family, with friends.

We chose each item in this final box with intention, care, and love specially curated for this season. Each box comes with seven items, a Mountain Mystic sticker, a letter from the shop owners, and is packaged in the here and now, surrounded in light. As with each box, the products are a bit of a mystery, but we promise you'll feel the love and get use from each item! 


    Limited number of boxes are available. Pre-sale begins December 4th.

    You will have two options at check out:

    • FREE shipping or
    • In-store pick up

    Boxes will be available in the shop and will begin shipping 12/11. As of now, we can only ship within the United States.

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